Achlesh Kumar Agarwal-Our mentor has got more than 4 decades experience of working with one of the Navratna of Govt of India ( BHEL). A close and direct disciple of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, Mr Achlesh K Agarwal is renowned Socialist. He laid the foundation of program bringing science and spirituality together aimed in providing benefits to our younger generation. It was his vision of bringing meditation & Yoga along with traditional therapies to strengthen the core skills of our Children

Neelam Agarwal is the founder of Special Pearls. As a parent of Uniquely abled Child, she experienced the gaps in India for children with special needs compared to services available. She brought together experts in the field of autism to build a program which provides research-backed interventions in an ethical and professional environment. Her goal is to bring about a systemic change in the Indian Autism landscape. She works with below parents to create greater awareness in society towards the mental health issues

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